About The Confectionist

The Confectionist is the creation of Brooke Peterson, a maker of life’s sweet delights. From humble beginnings in her home economics class at school, followed by a degree in commerce and food science, Brooke was destined for a career in food. Having spent the past seven years in local food manufacturing, she longed to develop her own range – and here we are.

Brooke’s sweet spot is where the art of baking meets science. Her affinity for exactness with time, temperature, and ratios is a recipe for perfection. Consistency is her signature. There’s no doubt The Confectionist goods are in great hands.

What had been a treasured family tradition of sitting together, sharing Brooke’s chocolate almond toffee is now The Confectionist. But why share with the rest of us, you ask? Because the secret of her treats is that they’re too delectable not to.

The Confectionist is devoted to creating jars of handmade temptations that are made to be the centrepiece of your most joyous moments to come. We use only the very best ingredients. Think Belgian couverture 72% dark chocolate tempered to perfection, irresistibly toasty, dry roasted almonds, and a deep caramel toffee crafted from scratch.

Each batch from The Confectionist is individually made by hand, guided by Brooke’s intimate familiarity between food science and flavour to ensure every jar is just as it should be, every time. An effortless snap. The perfect crunch. Silky. Shiny. Moreish.

At The Confectionist, we believe life is too short to abstain from a little indulgence. Treat yourself, share a jar, and listen for a harmonious mmm.